How we started

Meeting two darlings..

DARLINGS HONEY is the latest venture founded by Le’win Pee along with her sister, Danielle. Being a successful entrepreneur, Le’win already has two well established fashion and F&B businesses under her belt, namely, La Fremo & 

Having become a natural social influencer from a very young age amongst her friends and fans (she now has over 215K followers across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok), Le’win has always believed in being socially responsible. When she realised that the latest fashion styles and trends were so expensive and out of reach especially for younger ladies her age, she decided to establish her own brand, La Fremo, selling it online catering to the younger demographic who wished for affordable fashionable. With that success, she then ventured into F&B, establishing, which offers deliciously chic and premium cakes at a reasonable price. And together with her sister Danielle, she has just launched what she considers to be her most important business venture to date, DARLINGS HONEY; which aims to bring products that are truly beneficial for health and beauty, to any one of any age. Le’win places a lot of emphasis on producing premium, high quality products which are both trendy and made in an environmentally sustainable way.

Contributing to DARLINGS HONEY her deep experience in business management, Danielle Pee has helmed regional roles in some of the largest companies in Malaysia, which saw her managing sales and marketing across Asian and European markets. Equipped with this vast know-how, she brings in-depth strategic management skills to the business. 

However, the real success story of DARLINGS HONEY began through an unfortunate incident, when a family member was diagnosed with cancer. In their research for more natural treatment options (as chemotherapy wasn’t being effective), they were recommended by friends to take stingless bee honey – it had shown promising results in halting the spread of cancer, and according to some medical studies, could actually cure cancer! The issue they faced though was that most honey products already on the market had unnecessary added sugars and other harmful or fake ingredients. To make a long story short, DARLINGS HONEY was born!

What we stand for

We stand for a bigger and more sustainable future…
Besides being concerned with global challenges and considering for the future, the Gen Z and millennials are also a generation that is more health-conscious and environmentally responsible. As society moves up the socio-economic ladder, health and beauty has been identified as a key focus. Alongside this, society also demands that products be produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, whilst being holistically natural and good for mankind.
Driven by the vision of its founders, Le’win and Danielle, DARLINGS HONEY specialises in precious itama honey from a rare bee species called Heterotrigona itama stingless honey bees – only found in less than 10 countries worldwide, including Malaysia. This rare bee species is known to be one of the oldest bees in the world, and is close to extinction with only 500 varieties remaining. This is compared to the nearly 25,000 varieties of the common Apis Mellifera, also known as European honey bees.
The honey produced by our rare bees is well documented to be rich in antioxidants and has been recognised by research scientists as the “Elixir of Life”, due to its powerful health and beauty benefits. Since Malaysia is one of the lucky handful of countries in the world that has a conducive environment for nurturing these bees, DARLINGS HONEY has embarked on bringing nature’s best kept secret, often called “a true superfood” to a new generation of consumers. At the same time, we are working to preserve these bees, by lovingly nurturing the growth of this bee community deep in the forests of Malaysia.
At DARLINGS HONEY, we source for our honey in a sustainable way, and only in small, exclusive batches. Our itama honey is harvested from original tree trunk bee hives (not transplanted) and only from hives located in organic forests farms in Malaysia (not city farms). Our concept of “forest-to-bottle” means that we bring 100% pure and raw natural honey to our customers, without subtracting or adding anything. Unlike other honey brands out there, we also do not process the honey, as that can alter nature’s intended health and beauty benefits.


Be the pioneer in introducing Stingless Bee Honey to a new generation of consumers looking for sustainable and premium healthy lifestyle offerings


(1) To supply innovative and useful honey-based products that are produced from organic sources, in a sustainable and ecologically friendly way.

(2) To mutually benefit the community that nurtures stingless bees, our trusted partners that distribute our honey, as well as the surrounding society, in both social and economic aspects.

Organic Forest Farm, Original tree trunk

No transplantation, no relocation

100% pure & raw, 0% processing

Nothing added, nothing removed

1st Barrel Aged Honey

Every batch certified by Malaysia Genome Institue

(National Institute of Biotechnology Malaysia - NIBM)