Bee Naughty Drink Recipes

Recipe #14 – Always Bee My Baby Mocktail

Ingredients :
2 ¼ tbsp of Darlings Time Aged Honey
– 2 tbsp of water
– 1 cup juice of a Mandarin Orange or Tangerine
– 1 Tbsp juice of a lemon
– 2 Tbsps Agave syrup
– Ice

Instruction :
1. Add ice, Darlings Time Aged Honey, water, Mandarin Orange juice or Tangerine juice, lemon juice and agave syrup in a shaker.
2. Add sage leaves and muddle.
3. Shake or stir. We highly recommend shaking instead!
4. Strain and pour in glass
5. Garnish with sage leaves and lemon slices.
6. Enjoy!