Darlings’ Love Note:
Darlings’ honey is sourced with care from our farms deep in the forests of Malaysia.

Crafted with passion, enjoy nature’s greatest treasure in the most exceptional way.

Honey from the stingless Itama bee has been well-documented for its bountiful health & beauty benefits. The super-high concentration of anti-oxidants and healing properties make our organic low-G.I. honey suitable for the young and old.

This 100% pure, raw honey (nothing else is added) is so precious, it is often called the “elixir of youth” (青春不老药) and is only available in five countries around the world.

Luckily for you, Malaysia is one of them!
Once you’ve savoured it, you’ll bee buzzing for more!
Enjoy our limited, small batch produce today!

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The Benefits of Darlings Itama Bee Honey


Called the “Elixir of Life” by scientist, it has powerful antioxidants and one of the highest levels of phenolic acid, that works from within your skin DNA level to improves skin tone (fairer), and restore skin suppleness (less wrinkles).

Find out more about how this scientifically proven “Elixir of Life” gives you beauty from within. 



Stingless bee honey has been consumed by the ancient Mayans in South America, as well as traditional people of Australia, Brazil and Malaysia due to its abundance of health benefits. 

Find out how our Darlings Itama bee honey can benefit your health!

Our Darlings is more than just honey, it is a choice for a healthy lifestyle with premium & quality assured rare honey that amplifies your beauty from within


Hear it right from our users!

Purity & Quality Assured

“Every bottle of Darlings Honey comes with assurance of purity and quality, having each batch tested according by Malaysia Genome Institute (MGI) as well as certified to internationally recognized standards by UKM Unipeq.